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Anders Bodin family household record, 
Hånger Almö-ö, Bjurum-AI-8-1881-1891-Image-81-page-73 Anders Ryberg Jr 2nd household rec Vasselhytte in Lindesberg-AIa-47-1861-1871-Image-368-page-362 Anders Ryberg Jr last family rec Vasselhytte in Lindesberg-AIa-54-1872-1881-Image-141-page-387 Anders Ryberg Sr b 1832 household rec at Vesselhytte in Lindesberg-AIa-41-1851-1860-Image-375-page-359 Anna Lisa Eriksdotter family household record, 

Karlanda-AI-17-1881-1890-Image-451-page-439 August first household record, Forshattan, Brattfors-AI-15-1866-1870-Image-134-page-127 Axel Magnuson Johanna Lind, Household record, Ekåsen, Daretorp-AI-6-1861-1869-Image-179-page-169 Brita Greta Persdotter family at Alanäset, Hällesjö-AI-8-1882-1891-Image-130-page-6 Brundin family Household Record in parish Öregrund-AI-13-1866-1870-Image-10-page-5 Carl Eriksson 2nd household record
Carl Eriksson 3rd household record Charles (Carl) Eriksson family in Oxberg Elna at No. 15 in Stoby-AI-17-1874-1878-Image-63-page-58 Erik Lofgren family household record 1899
Tåsjö-AI-9-1887-1899-Image-840-page-78.jpg Erik Petter Eldh family at Alanäset, Hällesjö-AI-8-1882-1891-Image-310-page-24 Frank H. Carlson (Frans Hjalmar Carlsson) household record, Nydalen, Hammar-AI-11b-1856-1860-Image-289-page-280 Gustaf Johnson (Jonasson) first family household record, Trällebo Bosgården, Älmeboda-AI-14-1830-1835-Image-63-page-49 Gustaf Jonasson 2nd family household record, Trällebo Bosgården, Älmeboda-AI-14-1830-1835-Image-63-page-49 Hagg household record Hårbörsta, Åre-AI-11-1884-1893-Image-1530-page-140 Hanna Olsdotter family record, Grödby No.7, Ivetofta-AI-8-1849-1856-Image-188-page-184
Henning at No. 10 in Stoby-AI-15-1872-1878-Image-282-page-658 Johan Albin 1st Household record 
Johan Albin 2nd Household record Johan Albin 3rd Household record Johan Albin 4th Household record Johan Albin 5th Household record Johan Quicklund with wife and child, Långö, Tjärnö-AI-12-1881-1885-Image-133-page-126 Johannes August Svensson first household record 

Tolg-AI-14-1855-1863-Image-320-page-304 John L Melander family at time of Johns emigration in 1854 from Liljeholmen, Brännkyrka-AI-13-1851-1855-Image-192-page-186 John Malmquist family household record, 
at Öfvarp (now Övarp) Norra-Strö-AI-5-1851-1859-Image-116-page-110
John Malmquist family household record, 
Norra-Strö-AI-6-1858-1868-Image-116-page-112 Jonas Olsson Qvarnstrom family, Norra-Råda-AI-18b-1876-1880-Image-458-page-449 Jonas Qvarnström 1st Household rec at Qvarnnäs, Norra-Råda-AI-11b-1841-1848-Image-156-page-159 Jöns Olsson 1st Household record, at #12 Vollsjö within Vollsjö-AI-6-1854-1859-Image-92-page-81 Lars Svensson family household record
Tåsjö AI 6 (1851-1860) image 680 page 62 Lovisa Persdotter Wedholm family, Lindesberg-AIa-60-1882-1891-Image-201-page-197 Ludvik Lorentz Djerf 1st Household rec, Soldier Torp Sägen, Kongseryd, Hult-AI-6-1838-1841-Image-50-page-42 Lundquist (Johan Pehrsson) family at Gryten, Melander family Husförhör (Household)
source Ålem-AI-10-1823-1828-Image-346-page-673 Nils Malmquist 1st household record, 
at Öfvarp (now Övarp) within Norra-Strö-AI-4-1846-1850-Image-105-page-102
Olof Ericksson first household record, 

Herredaln, Karlanda-AI-14-1856-1860-Image-100-page-95 Paul Johnson family at Skättilljunga No. 11 within parish Västra-Vram-AI-13-1860-1863-Image-296-page-601 Sebulon Mod first household record, Stommen, Vårvik-AI-12-1850-1860-Image-193-page-187 Sigrid Katharina family at Hemsjö, Hällesjö-AI-8-1882-1891-Image-1190-page-111 Sophia Albertina's first household record, Bändbo, Lillhärad-AI-2-1856-1860-Image-70-page-66 Sven Johan Bok family last household record 1883 Tolg-AI-17-1877-1884-Image-345-page-333 Thilda Erickson, first household record
Björksbohl, Karlanda-AI-17-1881-1890-Image-41-page-30 Åre-AI-11-1884-1893-Image-1530-page-140 part 2

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