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201 Born in Månstorp within Smedstorp parish. Månsdotter, Bolla (I238077)
202 Born in Norrberg No 7 in Ovansjö parish. Jansson, Anders (I195919)
203 Born in Norrberg No 7 in Ovansjö parish. Norbäck, Johan (Jan) (I195920)
204 Born in Norrbert No 7 in Ovansjö parish. Norbäck, Pehr (I195921)
205 Born in Nybromölla within Södra Mellby parish. Jonsdotter, Sissa (I238091)
206 Born in Smedstorp #3 within Smedstorp parish. Andersson, Jöns (I238066)
207 Born in Stenby 20 within Benestad parish. Olofsdotter, Mätta (I238095)
208 Born in Stenby within Benestad parish. Persson, Olof (I238112)
209 Born in Toarp 10 within Ullstorp parish. Kristofersdotter, Ingar (I238081)
210 Born in Toarp 10 within Ullstorp parish. Andersson, Kristofer (I238094)
211 Born in Tunby 22 within Smedstorp parish. Jönsson, Anders (I238076)
212 Born in Tunby within Smedstorp parish. Andersson, Jöns (I238090)
213 Born in Tärby within Vårfrukyrka parish. Larsson, Per (I238070)
214 Born in Tärby within Vårfrukyrka parish. Persson, Jan (I238064)
215 Born in Tärby within Vårfrukyrka parish. Persdotter, Brita (I238071)
216 Born in Tärby within Vårfrukyrka parish. Persson, Lars (I238082)
217 Born in Valgeby within Härkeberga parish. Olofsdotter, Maria (I238065)
218 Born in Valgeby within Härkeberga parish. Nilsson, Nils (I238088)
219 Born in Valgeby within Härkeberga parish. Mårtensdotter, Margareta (I238089)
220 Born in Wreten No 4 in Järbo parish. Larsdotter, Karin (I195927)
221 Born in Åsen No 9 in Ovansjö parish. Persdotter, Märta (I195929)
222 Born in Åttersta in Ovansjö parish. Hedlund, Anna Stina (I195928)
223 Born Kirstin Persdotter, English name Christine Persson. Lived on farm at Oxlip, MN, initially with husband Charles Erickson. Erickson, Christine (I218814)
224 Born on Villsberga lands within Biskopskulla parish. Persson, Olof (I238072)
225 Born out of weblock. Vedhohm, Charley (Carl Albert) (I178806)
226 Born out of wedlock at Alanäset within Hällesjö parish. Eld (Eldh), Erick Peter (I237793)
227 Born out of wedlock at Alanäset within Hällesjö parish. Persson, Jonas Petter (I196092)
228 Born Stor Karl Erikkson. He anglicised his name to Charles Erickson when he moved to the USA. Erickson, Charles (Carl) (I218813)
229 Bosatt Källgårds, Stenkumla, Gotlands, Sweden also mentioned Finland Gustafsson, Erik Gustaf Gottfrid (I249399)
230 Both Anton and Theodore committed suicide a month apart. Jeanette found Theodore. Sources: Jeanette and Burial Records. Family F340065
231 Bothilda moved into Norra Vram from Södra Ljunga, Kronobergs län.

Submitted by Göran Andersson 
Swanson, Matilda (or Bothilda) (I14486)
232 Brandstad #13 1759 Census Pehrsson, Christen (I247063)
233 Brandstad 1826 Hansson, Ola (I246588)
234 Built house at 3201 Andersson Rydberg (Ryberg), Andrew (Anders) (I167461)
235 Buried in Granhult Cemetary. In Karisson Family gravesite, per Kari Karisson.
Genealogy record from Astrid Andersson in Vret, Lenhovda, Sweden says:
Karl Johans och Sara Marias fosterdotter Anna Maria Kristina Andersson fodd 25/10 1889 i Holstein Eherback Tyskland kom 4/3 1895 till sin mormor Kristina Andersson i Ostervik Lenhovda. Hennes morflyttade tillbaka till Tyskland, dar hon gifte sig och hette Hulda Unger. Anna gifte sig med Herman Adofeson fran Tolg och fick fern barn.
Translation: Kari Johan and Sara Maria's foster daughter, Anna Maria Kristina Andersson, born on 25 Oct 1889 in Holstein, Eherback, Germany, came on 4 Mar 1895 to her mother's mother, Kristina Andersson in Ostervik, Lenhovda. Her mother returned to Germany where she married and was named Hulda Linger. Anna was married to Herman Adolfeson from Tolg and had five children.
Moved to Marhult in 1860, per Kari Karisson. Bought "croft" - Flyras? This is also noted in a letter from Anton Karlsson to Oscar. Anton also said that 9 children were bom to Kari and Sara and that 4 died at a tender age. I am missing one of those who died young.

Pettersson, Karl Johan (I9123)
236 Buried in Granhult church cemetary. Karisson Family gravesite, per Kari Karisson.
Mostly info from Astrid Andersson.
Jonasdotter, Sara Maria (I9124)
237 Buried in Isanti, Minnesota. Erickson, Charles (Carl) (I218813)
238 Buried in new cemetary at Tolg but grave was unmarked. American descendents have placed a gravestone on his and his wife's graves. He was operated on for cancer in Lund in 1920.
When the 7 children in America offered to pay his and his wife's trip to America, he refused to go - this would have been 1918 or 1919 probably. I remember my father, Frank, talking about his sternness with the boys but, as I remember one story, they came home drunk and sick from drinking and he punished them severely. Sounds rather appropriate.
He was listed as a halftenbrukare in I872.
Johansson, Nils Peter (I9104)
239 Came 1835 to Hassia, householder in 1836, left 1839 to Marhult, 1847 to Herrekra. Samuelsson, Jonas Petter (I9127)
240 Came 1904 Bjorkman, Ida Charlotta (I249230)
241 Came 1911 Bengtsson, Adolf Viktor (I249268)
242 Came from Kjarrby #3

Kjarrby #8, Skartofta 1791-1832

Hans Will 1823

Nils Christensson Bjarsjolagard

Evald Carlsson Kjerrby

Carl Nilsson Kierstorp 
Olsson, Hans (I245212)
243 Came in 1894
Lived with sister Anna in 1900 census

Lived with Mrs. Alex Eckstrom at St. Peter, Minnesota

Confirmed 1857

Lund 24 oct 1862 
Nilsdotter, Johanna (I245667)
244 Came to Kylleskruv in 1831. Månsson, Per (I9181)
245 Came to Marhult in 1827 from Ljuder as pigan (maid, usually on a farm). Came to Kylleskruv 1831. Matisdotter, Beata (I9126)
246 Came: 10 maj 1888 Asp, John Johnson (I249320)
247 Came: 16 mar 1888 Asp, Andrew Johnson (I249292)
248 Can read and write English Anderson, Oscar (I0233)
249 Carl Johan had been out duck hunting with his sister Hulda. The gun went off accidentally and shot him in the stomach-Grandma Mary only had flour to staunch the flow of blood- Carl died from the wound within a few hours.
Anderson, Carl Johan (I195548)
250 Carl Richard was born out of wedlock (oäkta). Melin, Carl Richard (I228663)

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