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701 Source: Stockholm on the Rio Grande

Johnson, Charles August. ("Charley"), Born Karl Augustus, son of Magnus Johnson, in 1867 in Smaland, Sweden, he immigrated to the U.S. when he was seventeen, settling in Benson, Minnesota, where he was a farmer. In 1905 (presumably in Benson) he married Swedish immigrant Ulrika Wilhelmina "Minnie" Larson (b. 1873). The Johnsons became interested in the Valley from reading an article (presumably in a Swedish-language publication) written by John U. Vassberg. The Johnsons moved to the Valley in 1921. They bought a farm in the El Jardin area east of Brownsville, and that land produced fine crops at first, but then salt or alkali gradually worked its way to the surface, and they had to abandon it. Furthermore, the Johnsons wanted to move to a community with other Swedes, so in 1925, they moved to the Lyford area, where they leased a small house on the Vassberg farm while building a home on land they had bought one mile west of Lyford. The "Swedish people" of the community gathered at Johnson place one Sunday evening in mid-May of 1926 to welcome the Johnson family into the community, and to congratulate them on their new home. Charley Johnson was a staunch Lutheran, often served as lay pastor for the Lyford Lutheran congregation during the three Sundays of each month when Pastor Gustaf Bergman was not in town. Johnson was elected deacon of the congregation seven times between 1930 and 1948. He also served a term on the Lyford school board in the mid-1920s. The Johnsons had one child: Adelia (1909-2001), who married Carl Vassberg. Charley Johnson died in 1957, and his wife died a few months later in the same year. Both are buried in the Lyford Cemetery.

Family F09
702 Source: Stockholm on the Rio Grande

Johnson, Elmer G. Born in 1885 of Swedish immigrant parents in Minnesota, as a young man Elmer was a successful land developer and banker in the Middle West and in Canada. He came to the Valley in 1911, and in partnership with his brother Victor J. Wallin [sic] was a leader in land development in the Turner Tract. Elmer was also involved in developing other areas around Lyford and Sebastian. Elmer married Lydia Carlson, born in 1893 of ethnic Swedish parents who immigrated to the U.S. from Finland. In 1921, when the land company partners divided up the Turner Tract assets, Elmer Johnson's share was 788.07 acres, making him one of the major landowners of the area. Furthermore, he purchased additional land in Willacy County. He was also a founder in 1945 of Harlingen State Bank, of which he was Chairman of the Board. Elmer and his wife maintained a second home in northern Minnesota, where they spent parts of each summer for 39 years. Elmer Johnson's brother Arthur L. Johnson and his sister Hilda Johnson Hample both lived in the Lyford area. Elmer and Lydia Johnson had two children: a firstborn son E. Drexel (b. 1916, served as an Air Corps lieutenant during WWII, returned home safely, then died in a car accident in 1946); and Orrin W. (b. 1920, joined the Marines during WWII, retired as a Major in 1954, and was an attorney in Harlingen). Elmer Johnson died of a heart attack in 1954 while vacationing in Banff Springs, Alberta, Canada; and Lydia died in 1983. Alongside their son Drexel, they are buried in the Mont Meta Cemetery near San Benito.

Johnson, Elmer G. (I0078)
703 Source: Stockholm on the Rio Grande

Lawson, Eben E. A newspaper reporter and cartoonist (b. 1873) from Minnesota, he and his wife wintered in Lyford for several years in the early 1930s. The couple were active in the social life of the Lyford Swedish community, and regularly participated in the local Lutheran activities. Eben Lawson was popular for his lively personality, for drawing caricatures of local people, and for his humorous songs while he accompanied himself on the piano. A Willmar, Minnesota, newspaper published reports (listed in bibliography) chronicling Lawson's experiences in Texas. While in Lyford, Lawson prepared a Christmas painting and artistic arrangement behind the Bethel Lutheran Church altar, which was admired by the entire local community. He spent his last years in New London, a small town about 12 miles NNE of Willmar. As late as 1940, he published reminiscences in the Kandi Express, the newsletter of Minnesota's Kandiyohi County Historical Society. Lawson died in 1951 and is buried in New London's Lebanon Cemetery.

Family F20
704 Source: Stockholm on the Rio Grande

Modine, Will. Born around 1890 to Swedish immigrant parents in Minnesota, as an adult, Modine lived in Dent, Ottertain County, Minnesota. In 1915 he purchased 44.8 acres of Turner Tract land, and around 1930 he became a winter visitor in the Valley, presumably to look after his property. While in the area, Modine stayed with the Vassberg brothers. At the time, he was much older than most of the fellows at the Vassberg farm. But Modine was a bachelor too, and everyone enjoyed his unusual personality. Modine tried to find a wife in Texas, but was unsuccessful. He returned to Minnesota, where reportedly he later married and had children. We have no additional information about Will Modine.

Modine, William E. (I0114)
705 Source: Stockholm on the Rio Grande

Sundin, Aaron Per. Born in Upland, Sweden in 1865, he immigrated to the U.S. and settled near Dawson (Lac qui Parle County), Minnesota, where he became a prosperous farmer. He married Clara Anderson, born in Upland in 1876. In 1915, Sundin purchased 160 acres of land in the Turner Tract, and moved there with his wife and six of their children. It was in the Sundin home that Stockholm's Lutheran Church was formally organized in 1916. The Sundins had eight children, but only the youngest six ever lived in Texas: Henry (no data located); Elmer (1902-1984); Violet (1903-1986); Wallace (1905-1969); Lloyd (1908-1988); and Donald (1911-1992). Clara Sundin hated living on the Texas frontier, and no doubt contributed to her husband's decision to leave the place. After four years in Texas, the Sundins returned for good to their farm near Dawson, Minnesota. Aaron Sundin died in 1938, and Clara in 1956.

Family F24
706 Source: Stockholm on the Rio Grande

Sundin, Elmer. Son of Aaron and Clara Sundin, Elmer (b. 1902) moved with his family to the Turner Tract in 1915. He was a member of the first Lutheran confirmation class in Stockholm, in 1918. The following year, the Sundin family moved back to Minnesota. Elmer farmed for a while near Dawson, Minnesota, but later moved to California, where he was in the construction business. He died in California in 1984.

Sundin, Elmer E. (I0123)
707 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Sundin, Loyd (Lloyd) (I0126)
708 Source: Stockholm on the Rio Grande

Sundin, Violet. Daughter of Aaron and Clara Sundin, Violet (b. 1903) came with her family to the Turner Tract in 1915, and was a member of the first Lutheran confirmation class in Stockholm, in 1918. After her family returned to Minnesota, Violet married Clarence Arvidson (b. 1895) a farmer and electrician. They lived in Dawson, Minnesota, where Violet was a music teacher. Clarence died in 1963, and Violet in 1986.

Sundin, Violet M. (I0124)
709 Source: Stockholm on the Rio Grande

Sundin, Wallace. Son of Aaron and Clara Sundin, Wallace (b. 1905) moved with his family to the Turner Tract in 1915. After four years in Texas, the family returned to Dawson, Minnesota, where Wallace farmed in partnership with his brother Donald. Wallace, who never married, died in 1969.

Sundin, Earl Wallace (I0125)
710 Source: Stockholm on the Rio Grande

Swanberg, Emil Theodor ("E.T."). Son of Swedish immigrant parents, Emil was born in 1892 in Henning, Minnesota, and served in the U.S. Army during World War I. Circa 1920, Emil married Hildegarde Ethel ("Hilda") Johnson (born in 1893 to Swedish immigrant parents). In 1930 the Swanbergs moved to Texas, first locating in the Mission area, where Emil was a farmer. In 1937 the family moved to the Vassberg farm west of Sebastian. Four years later they moved to a farm they had purchased about five miles east of Sebastian. The Swanbergs were Lutheran, and became active members of Lyford's Lutheran Church, of which E.T. was elected trustee in 1939 and 1942, and deacon in 1946. The Swanbergs had six children: Orion Gordon (1921-1969); Gladys Ellen (b. 1923); Carole Julia (1925);
Ellen Mae (1927-1996); Luella Marie (1930); the twins Vernon Emil and Virgil Edgar (1934); and Norman Russell (1937-1992). Hilda Swanberg died of cancer in 1951, and Emil died in 1972, both buried in the Lyford Cemetery.

Family F05
711 Source: Stockholm on the Rio Grande

Wallin, Victor Johnson. Partner in the Turner Tract development company, and brother (despite the different last name) of that company's Elmer G. Johnson, and Sebastian settler Arthur L. Johnson, and of eventual Lyford resident Hilda J. Hample. We know that Victor was born to Swedish immigrant parents, and we presume that he, like his siblings, was born in Minnesota. We know nothing about his early life, but in 1903, Victor J. Wallin was a Covenant pastor serving a congregation in Winnipeg, Canada. He was not comfortable with the pastoral lifestyle, however, and left the ministry to go into business with his brothers Elmer and Arthur. Wallin was a founding member and partner of the Wallin, Johnson, & Matson Land Company, which developed the Turner Tract. In 1921, when the Land Company divided remaining property in the Tract, Wallin's share was 930.83 acres of land, which made him a major Turner Tract property owner. But if Victor Wallin was ever in Texas, we have no evidence of it. Over the years, beginning in 1927, he seems to have liquidated his Turner Tract holdings, perhaps to finance other ventures. We know that he moved to La Paz, Bolivia, where he was involved in gold mining. When his brother Arthur died in 1946, Wallin was living in La Paz, but when his brother Elmer died in 1954 Wallin was residing (presumably retired) in Florida. Victor Wallin's son Paul was also involved in South American business, and ran a Coca Cola plant in Argentina until the plant was nationalized. Victor Wallin died in Orange, Florida in 1955.406 We suspect, but cannot document, a kin relationship with W.R. Wallin (below).

Wallin Johnson, Victor V. (I0082)
712 Source: Stockholm on the Rio Grande, by Dr. David Vassberg

Ahlsten, August. (Also spelled "Ahlstein" and "Alstrim"). In 1924, identified as a resident of Roberts County, South Dakota, Swedish-born Ahlsten purchased 80 acres of land near Lyford. In December of 1925 he arrived in Lyford to spend the winter and to look after his "extensive landed interests" near there.3 We have no other information about him, but his son and family lived in the Lyford for a time (see following entry).
Family F02
713 Source: SCB Births Sura 1869. Carlsson, Edla Charlotta (I88303)





Hindricksson, Nils (I246863)
715 Sponsor for: Hanna Gunnersdotter 8 Apr 1801

F. Gunner Andersson M. Bengta Nilsdotter 
Persdotter, Ulrica (I246639)
716 State File #011165, Certificate #011165, Record #167711. Renville County is directly adjacent and south of Kandiyohi County. Danielson, Martin E. (I14735)
717 State File Number: 005437
Certificate Number: 005437
Certificate Year: 1909
Record Number: 36314
Danielson, Callie (I14734)
718 State of Minnesota, Minnesota Death Index, 1908-2002, Minneapolis, MN, USA: Minnesota Department of Health Source (S32286)
719 Stayed at Wreten No 4 Jansson, Anders Johan (I195955)
720 Stayed in Norrberg No 7 Norbäck, Anders Johan Gottfrid (I196005)
721 Stillborn Carlson, infant twin sister to Alice (I195622)
722 Strong, Pearl Victoria
Birth Certificate Index
Certificate Number: 1918-17197
Birth: April 4, 1918
County of Birth: Lyon County, Minnesota, United States
Subject: Birth records
Type: Text, Government Record, Historical Records
Mother's Maiden Name: Greenman

Mystery solved..Vicky went by Vicky and did not use her given name Pearl Victoria. 
(Greenman) Strong, Pearl Valeria Janette (I196215)
723 Submitted by Gloria Jorgenson:
John L.'s son, Carl Emerick, also went by the name Steve, lived one year in Idaho, funeral at Danish Lutheran Church, buried in our Alden Cemetery, baptized at the Episcopal Church in Wells, MN.

Melander, Carl Emerick (Emrick) (I19661)
724 Submitted by Gloria Jorgenson:
John, Jr., died of spinal meningitis, funeral in the home and a "special choir from the Alden Presbyterian Church" furnished music.
Melander, John L. Jr (I25742)
725 Submitted by Siv Sumelius:

Nils Persson Bergdahl, a soldier living in Kronobergs län, Berg in the soldier croft nr. 73 under Frälsegården in Småland. 
Bergdahl, Nils Persson (I195506)
726 Submitted by Suzanne Thofson:
He (John) spoke very little English. She (Vivian)and all her siblings were fluent in Svenska. If they wanted to speak to him, they had to speak på svenska. She said he was an intelligent man, he could read, write and speak Swedish, but had no real desire to learn English. 
Johnson (Johansson), John (Johannes) Andrew (I9977)
727 Surname could have been Iversen in Norway. Ivers, Bernhard (I155162)
728 Sveriges Släktforskarförbund, comp. Sweden, Births from the Swedish Death Index, 1901-2006. Sweden. Source (S32289)
729 Swedish Church Birth records documented that Carl Victor was born on 26 May 1854. Johnson, Charles W. (Karl Victor/Charles Viktor) (I13194)
730 Swedish Household records birth year 1834 Andersdotter, Christine (Stina) (I63134)
731 Swedish records: Lenhovda parish, #53, Carl Ludvig Joelsson, Bostorp - Amerika -28 Sept 1881, page 340 in household record. He is listed as a drang (farm hand), to N. America. He came to America in 1893 (not correct) - destination was Oakland, Nebraska. Oscar wrote he came to America in 1881.
The Joelsson family is living in Skrufehult, Bostorp, Vastragard, Lenhovda in 1884. Anna Christina was a pigan (maid) there.
Also have note "Oscar says house at Bostorp was Skrufehult.
63 years old at death per Lindstrom Cemetary records. Buried in Fairview Cemetary, Block 39, Lot 39. There is a baby buried between him and his wife. Cemetary record says "cerebrum" as cause of death. He died at daughter Bessie's house. Cemetery record says he was buried on Dec 12. Obit says he was buried on a Sunday.
Birth also noted as 23 Jan, 1863 in some other record.
Grandfather was apparently an excellent carpenter and a reluctant farmer. He spent a significant amount of his married life away from home building houses in Kansas and, perhaps, Nebraska. He brought his daughter Lillie a cup from Kackley, Kansas. Kackley no longer exists. There have been comments that he and grandmother didn't get along too well. They had surely known each other in Sweden. She came over here after he did?I think he paid her passage?and she worked in the Cities for some time before they married. They were living in Lindstrom when Ullie was small. Later they lived on a farm north of and between Lindstrom and Chisago City. He built a house just north of Lindstrom where they Ijved when the children were young adults. It is now remodeled and little of the old house shape remains. It was completely unique for that part of the country and very nicely designed. It is now (1990) very well kept up but lopsided due to having been remodeled. Perhaps he found the design in a 'house pattern" book. I've never heard any of the family discuss what sort of a person he was. Somewhere I found cause of death as cerebral thrombosis, arteriosclerosis, mitral regurgitation? almost the same as grandmother. Perhaps those were the only words the doctor knew.
His death certificate at the Chisago County, MN courthouse says he was born 23 Jan 1893 and that his mother was Katrina Larsvill. Interesting.
Other information at the courthouse is his Probate #2982, Chisago County. Bill from St. Paul Nervous Clinic dated 1 Nov I926 for examination of "Spinal fluid and routine examination of spinal fluid" Dr. E. G. Sterner.
Owned 48 1/2 acres- $600 evaluation, unimproved land. W 1/2 of NW 1/4 of Section 30, Twp 34, R 20 (or 21).
J. E. Vanstrum - administrator
Elof Nicklason and Otto F. Lundholm, appraisers.
$185 estate
Vol. C, p. 224 Naturalization Record
Rec'd Nat. Papers 2 Feb 1898
Charles Kronblad - has resided here at least 5 years.
Ernest Strand writes in 1991: Grandpa and Grandma never lived together that I can remember. If she was at Mother's or Bessie's and Grandpa would come, she would leave and go somewhere else. Grandpa and Grandma lived on a farm next to Apple Mattson when they moved from Lindstrom. Then he bought 10 acres and built the new house. Reason for not getting along was because he drank his resources and left the family without food. Mother told about going to Apple Mattson's and getting food out of the garbage. She started to work for Kline's resort when she was II years old." That would have been Attilia. I remember my mother, Lillie, also had to quit school at eighth grade and go to work. I don't remember any discussion by her about why they were so poor?Ernest's information explains it.
Confirmation place per Beverly Kroonblawd.
MSH Death Certificate Index ID# 1926-MN-002585 lists him as Carl L Kroonblawd, died in Chisago County. 20 Aug The following is a transcript of a letter from Bina Kroonblawd to her niece Jean (Evald Kroonblawd's daughter) dated Sep 21st, no year, with a note at the top saying "Father bom 1865 Dec 23,-in Lenhovda, Smaland, Sweden".
Dear Jeanie & family, I will have to get this letter off to you this week, as I am going to the hospital next Fri. for an operation on my right eye, and it may be a long time before I could finish this family tree as it takes quite a while before the eye heals up enough to see to write. I have it all excepting the names of mother's parents, but that I could get later from Sweden some time when they write to me. Beginning with father, this is his history. Kari Ludvig Kroonblawd came to this country from Sweden by steamship, 1881. Came directly to Lindstrom with 65 cents in his pockets, so started working the following day. Carpenter work, I guess, as that was his trade, as far back as I can remember. His father's name was Joel Larson, but Karl and his four brothers all changed their name to Kroonblawd when they were all here. Karl was bom in a place or town called Lenhovda in Smaland. I don't recall ever hearing what his mother's name was, but I heard she died quite young, 50 or so. Karl was the father of nine children, and he died at the age of 64. He was engaged to Anna Christina Karison before he left Sweden but he sent for her later and she was in the U.S. 3 years before they were married in 1887. Kari had 4 brothers, namely John, Lorenz, Solomon and Robert. John and Robert both died in 1896, 3 weeks apart. There were 2 girls, Emily and Anna. Anna was married here and settled in New York and Emily went back to Sweden as she did not like this country. Kari is buried at Fairview Cemetery in Lindstrom. They were all tailors in Sweden and only John and Solomon stuck to that trade after they came to U.S. Their father was a tailor also. Father was bom Dec. 23, 1862, and died at the age of 64. Mother was bom June 28, 1860, and died at the age of 74. All who have died are buried in the Lindstrom cemetery except Ludwig. Mother came from a family of 13 children but many of them died when they were young. Mother's maiden name was Anna Christina Karison, and she was bom June 28, 1860 in Flyras, Notteback in Sweden. She came to this country 1884 by sailboat and it took 12 weeks to cross the ocean and get to New York. She came to Lindstrom first, but worked in St. Paul 3 years before she was married, 1887. They lived in Lindstrom 11 years then moved to a small farm northwest of Lindstrom. Father built the bungalow and small barn on that place and we moved out there in Aug. 1898.1 can still remember it well. She was the mother of 9 children namely:
Bom Ludwig William Feb 26, 1888, Bettie Adelgunda Mar 10, 1889, Attilia Regina June 8, 1890, Bina Bebeana Mar 9 1892, Esther Wilhelmina Ju128, 1894, Evald Leander Jan 5 1896, Lillie Alvida, June 24,1898, Oscar Clarence May 12,1900, Alma Edith Apr 10, 1903. Ludwig died 1960, at age 72 and is buried in Sauk Centre, MN. His wife still lives there. He had 2 children, Robert and Margaret. Bettie died at the age of 59, no children. Attilia died at the age of 37, leaving 6 children. Bina Bebeana, still alive, has two children (girts). Esther, living in Arizona has three children, 1 boy and 2 giris. Evald, still living, 3 children, girls. Lillie, still living, 3 giris. Oscar, 3 boys, 1 girl. Alma died at the age of 46 years, 1 giri, 1 boy. You can feel free to ask me any questions that may arise if this is incomplete. I have to write a few more letters so hope this finds you all in good health and spirits. Lots of love, Aunt Bina
The book "Swedish Americans of Minnesota" on page 380 lists the signers of the petition for incorporation of Lindstrom in 1894 and lists John Kroonblawd and it also lists a Chas. Kronblad - could this be Kari? Yes, it is.
The 1910 census says he came to America in 1882.

Kroonblawd, Carl (Charles) Ludwig (I7045)
732 Södra Sallerup
Kungshällagatan 48, 212 30 Malmö 
Bjorkman, Viggo Sebastian (I249236)
733 Teacher To Gävle Norbäck, Kristina (Stina) (I195925)
734 Teien Covenant Cemetery Fredriksson, Karl (I14727)
735 The 1880 census documented Gilbert's age - 10 years old. Johnson, Gilbert (I24293)
736 The 1900 census documents birth date as September, 1862. Johnson (Johannesson), Andrew (Anders) (I10550)
737 The 1900 census documents the birth date as February 1888. Johnson (Johansson), Katarina Maria Teresia/Theresa (I12006)
738 The 1900 census documents the birth date as February 1892. Johnson (Johansson), Anna Matilda Natalia/Natancer (I12007)
739 The 1900 census documents the birth date as June 1864. Amren, Mary (Maria) Elizabeth (I10551)
740 The 1900 census recorded birth as Apr 1841. Johansdotter, Lena Stina (I142596)
741 The 1920 census documents Anna's birth as abt 1868. Anderson, Anna (Hannah) D. (I14724)
742 The cause of death was Alderdom - old age.

Persdotter, Ingrid (I9130)
743 The cause of death was Doctor wasn't sure, general failing health, circulatory problems.  Kroonblawd (Kroonblad), Lillie Alvida (I7010)
744 The cause of death was Drunknad - he drowned.
Persson, Per (I9129)
745 The cause of death was suicide.  Löf, Marta Katarine (I9105)
746 The Census lists Hans Oleson as being a brother to the head of the house, John Lundberg. Possibly his maternal 1/2 brother, because they have different surnames. Oleson, Hans (I0229)
747 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F2739
748 The town is normally considered to be Norra and Sodra Finnskoga,on the Klaralven Olsdottor, Marit (I14673)
749 they lived in Aberget, Inland from Ornskoldsvik Family F2726
750 They lived in Skartofta #11 1691-1728
Inventory/Will for Iwar Pijhlbergh (from what I could read)
Fllei 15p61
Pyhlbergh, Iwar (I247844)

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