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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alberdine, Rosmine  Oct 1868Denmark I171473 Minnesota 
2 Algren, Mary  Mar 1849Denmark I70376 Minnesota 
3 Alldrin, Katy  Apr 1860Denmark I129607 Minnesota 
4 Almgriat, Caroline  Sep 1859Denmark I141023 Minnesota 
5 Andersen, Lars  Aug 1835Denmark I29316 Minnesota 
6 Andersen, Peter  Abt 1867Denmark I202625 Minnesota 
7 Anderson, Alfred  Feb 1862Denmark I60371 Minnesota 
8 Anderson, Altora  Dec 1866Denmark I239403 Minnesota 
9 Anderson, Andrew  Feb 1867Denmark I41340 Minnesota 
10 Anderson, Anna  Oct 1856Denmark I114070 Minnesota 
11 Anderson, Anna T  Dec 1837Denmark I39938 Minnesota 
12 Anderson, Annie O  Jan 1853Denmark I110912 Minnesota 
13 Anderson, Axel  Abt 1877Denmark I204032 Minnesota 
14 Anderson, Bennie W  Jun 1881Denmark I134995 Minnesota 
15 Anderson, Carl G  Abt 1875Denmark I204031 Minnesota 
16 Anderson, Carl W  May 1888Denmark I74906 Minnesota 
17 Anderson, Carn  Oct 1871Denmark I0984 Minnesota 
18 Anderson, Carrie  Dec 1867Denmark I120401 Minnesota 
19 Anderson, Carrie  Aug 1873Denmark I75190 Minnesota 
20 Anderson, Chas S  Jan 1876Denmark I41336 Minnesota 
21 Anderson, Christ  Dec 1840Denmark I134892 Minnesota 
22 Anderson, Christ  Mar 1875Denmark I118411 Minnesota 
23 Anderson, Clara  Sep 1867Denmark I82784 Minnesota 
24 Anderson, George  Abt 1852Denmark I203365 Minnesota 
25 Anderson, Gertie  Mar 1877Denmark I118458 Minnesota 
26 ANDERSON, Gertie (Gerda)  Mar 1877Denmark P293 Test Jacobson Tree 
27 Anderson, Hans C  Dec 1844Denmark I118456 Minnesota 
28 Anderson, Harriet  May 1886Denmark I60373 Minnesota 
29 Anderson, Henry C  Oct 1883Denmark I30199 Minnesota 
30 Anderson, Husband of Matilda  Denmark I1052 Minnesota 
31 Anderson, Iver  Apr 1838Denmark I134940 Minnesota 
32 Anderson, Jensen  Sep 1862Denmark I170722 Minnesota 
33 Anderson, Johannah  May 1868Denmark I74904 Minnesota 
34 Anderson, Johanne Elisabeth  24 Jun 1871Denmark P291 Test Jacobson Tree 
35 Anderson, John M  Jun 1886Denmark I74905 Minnesota 
36 Anderson, Louis  Abt 1855Denmark I213408 Minnesota 
37 Anderson, Louis  Sep 1863Denmark I162413 Minnesota 
38 Anderson, Lovisa  Jan 1859Denmark I144524 Minnesota 
39 Anderson, Maria  Abt 1864Denmark I228318 Minnesota 
40 Anderson, Marie  Jun 1869Denmark I175048 Minnesota 
41 Anderson, Martin  Dec 1875Denmark I54806 Minnesota 
42 Anderson, Mary  Aug 1862Denmark I38389 Minnesota 
43 Anderson, Mary  Mar 1870Denmark I145114 Minnesota 
44 Anderson, N C  Dec 1865Denmark I154106 Minnesota 
45 Anderson, Nels  Abt 1861Denmark I208047 Minnesota 
46 Anderson, Nels  Aug 1861Denmark I93419 Minnesota 
47 Anderson, Niels Christian  22 Mar 1875Denmark P289 Test Jacobson Tree 
48 Anderson, Nora  Jan 1882Denmark I53428 Minnesota 
49 Anderson, Ole  Jan 1868Denmark I134943 Minnesota 
50 Anderson, Oscar  Jun 1872Denmark I172352 Minnesota 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID   Tree 
1 Martinson, Fred  1893Denmark I248876 Minnesota 
2 Martinson, Fred  1893Denmark I3867 Burke Test Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anderson, Hans Christian  Denmark P292 Test Jacobson Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 ANDERSON / GRANBERG  1870Denmark F85 Test Jacobson Tree 
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