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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ahberg, Eber  Dec 1892Indiana I93061 Minnesota 
2 Ahberg, Lilly  Oct 1894Indiana I93062 Minnesota 
3 Ahlstrom, Minnie C  Apr 1882Indiana I50281 Minnesota 
4 Anderson, Carl  Oct 1887Indiana I149099 Minnesota 
5 Anderson, Christine J  Jun 1854Indiana I57139 Minnesota 
6 Anderson, Freda  Mar 1895Indiana I149102 Minnesota 
7 Anderson, Olene  Nov 1896Indiana I149101 Minnesota 
8 Anderson, Oscar  Abt 1865Indiana I228531 Minnesota 
9 Anderson, Vida E  Aug 1876Indiana I57140 Minnesota 
10 Austin, Otho  Mar 1856Indiana I242501 Minnesota 
11 Berggren, Frank  Jan 1862Indiana I136514 Minnesota 
12 Booth, Milton  Abt 1870Indiana I217243 Minnesota 
13 Borgeson, Amanda  Abt 1881Indiana I201270 Minnesota 
14 Bowman, Josh  Abt 1875Indiana I72650 Minnesota 
15 Buckingham, Jackson  Dec 1859Indiana I240964 Minnesota 
16 Carlson, Amanda  Jul 1879Indiana I100159 Minnesota 
17 Carlson, Anna  Aug 1881Indiana I133941 Minnesota 
18 Carlson, Edward  Apr 1883Indiana I133942 Minnesota 
19 Carlson, Elen M  Jan 1883Indiana I80172 Minnesota 
20 Carlson, Eliza E  Nov 1864Indiana I146342 Minnesota 
21 Carlson, Hatie B  Nov 1868Indiana I94345 Minnesota 
22 Carlson, Jennie  Abt 1885Indiana I217094 Minnesota 
23 Carlson, Rose H  Sep 1886Indiana I80173 Minnesota 
24 Christensen, Hattie  Nov 1854Indiana I168419 Minnesota 
25 Coleman, Allen M  Jul 1846Indiana I161953 Minnesota 
26 Conson, John  Jul 1845Indiana I79164 Minnesota 
27 Cragun, J O Q  Sep 1854Indiana I17409 Minnesota 
28 Crawley, William  Aug 1855Indiana I169485 Minnesota 
29 Curran, Frank J  Apr 1866Indiana I23490 Minnesota 
30 Davis, Charley B  Mar 1860Indiana I36921 Minnesota 
31 Erickson, Clara  Dec 1889Indiana I133983 Minnesota 
32 Erickson, Jennie  Jun 1895Indiana I133982 Minnesota 
33 Erikson, Matilda  Jan 1869Indiana I163915 Minnesota 
34 Fertig, David  Dec 1853Indiana I27696 Minnesota 
35 Foster, Earnest  Jan 1895Indiana I72848 Minnesota 
36 Foster, John H  Aug 1857Indiana I72844 Minnesota 
37 Franklin, John E  Dec 1855Indiana I121319 Minnesota 
38 Frederickson, Robt N  Mar 1876Indiana I177402 Minnesota 
39 Garrison, Addison  May 1828Indiana I60730 Minnesota 
40 Garrison, Theodore  Sep 1856Indiana I60721 Minnesota 
41 Geiser, Marcellus  Dec 1851Indiana I121936 Minnesota 
42 Gesune, Maria  Abt 1891Indiana I209916 Minnesota 
43 Goar, M A  Jan 1857Indiana I28594 Minnesota 
44 Gottchammer, Julia  Abt 1863Indiana I210984 Minnesota 
45 Gronquist, Ida A  Mar 1883Indiana I65207 Minnesota 
46 Halvorson, Euda  Aug 1871Indiana I131204 Minnesota 
47 Hathaway, Milton A  Jan 1867Indiana I125975 Minnesota 
48 Hazley, Calvin  Nov 1860Indiana I159999 Minnesota 
49 Hedington, Rufus  Feb 1876Indiana I165080 Minnesota 
50 Hillstrom, Albert  Jan 1878Indiana I52248 Minnesota 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Strong, Charles C  11 Jun 1902Indiana I196331 Minnesota 
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