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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ackland, Maria  Nov 1864Iowa I96078 Minnesota 
2 Agrell, Agnes A  Apr 1898Iowa I50538 Minnesota 
3 Agrell, Ida C  Mar 1895Iowa I50537 Minnesota 
4 Agrell, Laura  Feb 1892Iowa I50536 Minnesota 
5 Agrell, Mamie  Jan 1890Iowa I50535 Minnesota 
6 Ahlgaen, Bessie G  Feb 1879Iowa I172675 Minnesota 
7 Ahlstrom, Hazel L  Abt 1890Iowa I192799 Minnesota 
8 Ahlstrom, Huldah M  Abt 1889Iowa I192798 Minnesota 
9 Ahlstrom, Lillie  Abt 1866Iowa I184720 Minnesota 
10 Ahlstrom, Louis J  Abt 1887Iowa I192797 Minnesota 
11 Ahlstron, Bessy  Abt 1861Iowa I184716 Minnesota 
12 Ahrens, B  Iowa I124763 Minnesota 
13 Akerlund, Charley  Sep 1878Iowa I163068 Minnesota 
14 Alander, Jennie  Aug 1884Iowa I133917 Minnesota 
15 Alfsberg, Gilbert T  Jul 1884Iowa I73050 Minnesota 
16 Allers, Ed  Abt 1875Iowa I234434 Minnesota 
17 Allquist, Joseph  Mar 1881Iowa I39129 Minnesota 
18 Allquist, Mary  Sep 1886Iowa I39130 Minnesota 
19 Allquist, Victor  Aug 1890Iowa I39131 Minnesota 
20 Alvor, Frances  Oct 1860Iowa I128170 Minnesota 
21 Ammerman, Arthur  Mar 1877Iowa I86733 Minnesota 
22 Andersen, Carl R  Abt 1884Iowa I235226 Minnesota 
23 Andersen, David  Abt 1886Iowa I235227 Minnesota 
24 Andersen, Emil D  Abt 1888Iowa I235228 Minnesota 
25 Andersen, John A  Abt 1893Iowa I235229 Minnesota 
26 Andersen, Judith  Abt 1890Iowa I235230 Minnesota 
27 Andersen, Oscar E  Abt 1881Iowa I235225 Minnesota 
28 Andersen, Selma E  Abt 1879Iowa I235224 Minnesota 
29 Anderson, Albert  May 1888Iowa I114197 Minnesota 
30 Anderson, Albert  Abt 1890Iowa I227397 Minnesota 
31 Anderson, Albion  Sep 1885Iowa I124174 Minnesota 
32 Anderson, Alfred  Feb 1866Iowa I18545 Minnesota 
33 Anderson, Andrew  Abt 1865Iowa I215867 Minnesota 
34 Anderson, Andrew  Apr 1888Iowa I114072 Minnesota 
35 Anderson, Anna  Feb 1887Iowa I62348 Minnesota 
36 Anderson, Anna C V  Abt 1883Iowa I234438 Minnesota 
37 Anderson, Anna E  Jan 1887Iowa I62021 Minnesota 
38 Anderson, Annie  Dec 1868Iowa I158007 Minnesota 
39 Anderson, Annie J  Jul 1886Iowa I125009 Minnesota 
40 Anderson, Arther  Dec 1883Iowa I114071 Minnesota 
41 Anderson, Arthur  Jul 1881Iowa I172190 Minnesota 
42 Anderson, Arthur  Dec 1885Iowa I62347 Minnesota 
43 Anderson, Arthur  May 1894Iowa I47854 Minnesota 
44 Anderson, Bertha  Feb 1884Iowa I124176 Minnesota 
45 Anderson, Carl M  Dec 1884Iowa I62020 Minnesota 
46 Anderson, Carl O  Abt 1894Iowa I234444 Minnesota 
47 Anderson, Charles  Aug 1888Iowa I172191 Minnesota 
48 Anderson, Charles A  Sep 1875Iowa I78770 Minnesota 
49 Anderson, Charley T  Oct 1890Iowa I124820 Minnesota 
50 Anderson, Clara  Sep 1885Iowa I62267 Minnesota 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Liesner, Lyle Orin  27 Jan 1999Iowa I2741 Burke Test Tree 
2 Liesner, Lyle Orin  27 Jan 1999Iowa I247750 Minnesota 
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