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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Abrahamson, Ellen  Abt 1884Michigan I233828 Minnesota 
2 Abrahamson, Ida  Abt 1886Michigan I233829 Minnesota 
3 Abrahamson, Oscar  Abt 1882Michigan I233827 Minnesota 
4 Adolfson, Hedda  Abt 1882Michigan I227817 Minnesota 
5 Adolphson, Lewis  Oct 1889Michigan I67247 Minnesota 
6 Ahlmiu, Emefia  Oct 1887Michigan I241006 Minnesota 
7 Ahlmiu, Selma  Nov 1883Michigan I241005 Minnesota 
8 Ahlquist, Edwin  Jan 1893Michigan I89447 Minnesota 
9 Akeson, Carl G  Jun 1888Michigan I21640 Minnesota 
10 Akeson, Hadar C  Mar 1893Michigan I21642 Minnesota 
11 Akeson, Rolf C  Dec 1890Michigan I21641 Minnesota 
12 Allerson, Charles S  Jul 1882Michigan I34128 Minnesota 
13 Allerson, Emma M  Apr 1878Michigan I34127 Minnesota 
14 Allerson, John E  Apr 1875Michigan I34126 Minnesota 
15 Alquist, Harriet M  Abt 1871Michigan I216112 Minnesota 
16 Altuear, Lydia J  Mar 1877Michigan I17891 Minnesota 
17 Amonson, Betty  May 1884Michigan I0892 Minnesota 
18 Amonson, Hulda  Aug 1882Michigan I0891 Minnesota 
19 Amonson, Theodore  Nov 1887Michigan I0894 Minnesota 
20 Anderson, Agnes C  Jan 1889Michigan I51691 Minnesota 
21 Anderson, Agness A  Oct 1895Michigan I123018 Minnesota 
22 Anderson, Albertine  Dec 1879Michigan I64997 Minnesota 
23 Anderson, Aldin  May 1887Michigan I11720 Minnesota 
24 Anderson, Alfred  Feb 1886Michigan I94251 Minnesota 
25 Anderson, Alfred J  Jul 1874Michigan I238902 Minnesota 
26 Anderson, Alga  Sep 1880Michigan I68554 Minnesota 
27 Anderson, Alma  Aug 1883Michigan I7344 Minnesota 
28 Anderson, Anna  Nov 1883Michigan I94250 Minnesota 
29 Anderson, Anna C  Nov 1890Michigan I32770 Minnesota 
30 Anderson, Annie J  Jul 1883Michigan I146095 Minnesota 
31 Anderson, Arthur  Apr 1885Michigan I11726 Minnesota 
32 Anderson, Carl E.  Jun 1889Michigan I10415 Minnesota 
33 Anderson, Carl Martin  Aug 1890Michigan I123016 Minnesota 
34 Anderson, Carl O  Jun 1883Michigan I47510 Minnesota 
35 Anderson, Charles  Jan 1879Michigan I95624 Minnesota 
36 Anderson, Charles  Mar 1893Michigan I95619 Minnesota 
37 Anderson, Charles V  May 1882Michigan I38100 Minnesota 
38 Anderson, Charley  Dec 1888Michigan I93659 Minnesota 
39 Anderson, Chas Fredy  Jan 1890Michigan I146096 Minnesota 
40 Anderson, Clara  Abt 1890Michigan I219999 Minnesota 
41 Anderson, Earnest W  May 1876Michigan I77306 Minnesota 
42 Anderson, Ebba  Mar 1888Michigan I29662 Minnesota 
43 Anderson, Edward  Sep 1881Michigan I64998 Minnesota 
44 Anderson, Edward  Feb 1891Michigan I95618 Minnesota 
45 Anderson, Edwin  Mar 1884Michigan I95626 Minnesota 
46 Anderson, Edwin  Jan 1889Michigan I177521 Minnesota 
47 Anderson, Effie F  Aug 1888Michigan I103606 Minnesota 
48 Anderson, Ella  Jul 1872Michigan I12342 Minnesota 
49 Anderson, Elmer  Apr 1896Michigan I113954 Minnesota 
50 Anderson, Emma E  Mar 1893Michigan I32258 Minnesota 

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