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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 (Barnhart) Lundquist, May Estelle  Oct 1864Minnesota I115971 Minnesota 
2 *En, Alen L  Abt 1899Minnesota I236708 Minnesota 
3 *En, Emil  Abt 1896Minnesota I236707 Minnesota 
4 *En, John B  Abt 1894Minnesota I236706 Minnesota 
5 ?Em*, Erick E  Jan 1889Minnesota I238744 Minnesota 
6 ?Em*, Freda A  Nov 1891Minnesota I238745 Minnesota 
7 ?Em*, Knute J  Mar 1894Minnesota I238746 Minnesota 
8 ?Riander, Joseph  Jun 1882Minnesota I239844 Minnesota 
9 A, Carl A  Abt 1895Minnesota I231210 Minnesota 
10 A, Clarence W  Abt 1893Minnesota I231209 Minnesota 
11 A, Esther S  Abt 1898Minnesota I231211 Minnesota 
12 Aaberg, Selma D  Jul 1886Minnesota I132903 Minnesota 
13 Aagren, Carl  Jun 1895Minnesota I96069 Minnesota 
14 Aagren, Gustav  May 1898Minnesota I96070 Minnesota 
15 Aagren, Olga  Dec 1891Minnesota I96068 Minnesota 
16 Aahl, Annie  Jun 1888Minnesota I116881 Minnesota 
17 Aahl, Oscar  Jul 1885Minnesota I116880 Minnesota 
18 Aakeberg, Arthur  Abt 1883Minnesota I229014 Minnesota 
19 Aakeberg, Carl  Abt 1887Minnesota I229015 Minnesota 
20 Aakeberg, Elmer  Abt 1893Minnesota I229016 Minnesota 
21 Aakeberg, Garfield  Abt 1883Minnesota I229013 Minnesota 
22 Aaker, Alvin B  Minnesota I182404 Minnesota 
23 Aaker, Lillian C  Abt 1898Minnesota I182403 Minnesota 
24 Aakerlund, Besey  Dec 1886Minnesota I239980 Minnesota 
25 Aakerlund, Eddy  Aug 1888Minnesota I239981 Minnesota 
26 Aakerlund, Helena  Aug 1882Minnesota I239978 Minnesota 
27 Aakerlund, Rohdie  Apr 1884Minnesota I239979 Minnesota 
28 Aalamaa, Anna  Dec 1883Minnesota I107906 Minnesota 
29 Aalamaa, Emma  Jun 1890Minnesota I107908 Minnesota 
30 Aalamaa, Fredericka  Jun 1886Minnesota I107907 Minnesota 
31 Aalamaa, Herman  Sep 1896Minnesota I107910 Minnesota 
32 Aalamaa, John H  Jan 1883Minnesota I107905 Minnesota 
33 Aalamaa, Levi  Oct 1892Minnesota I107909 Minnesota 
34 Aamodt, Anna C  Aug 1882Minnesota I161859 Minnesota 
35 Aamodt, Erick J  Oct 1877Minnesota I161858 Minnesota 
36 Aanenson, Fritz (Fridthjof)  7 May 1881Minnesota I195510 Minnesota 
37 Aanerud, Agnes R  Jun 1895Minnesota I40370 Minnesota 
38 Aanerud, Clara  Dec 1897Minnesota I40371 Minnesota 
39 Aanerud, Elma M  Mar 1890Minnesota I40369 Minnesota 
40 Aanerud, Oscar E  Feb 1900Minnesota I40372 Minnesota 
41 Aanerud, Thilda O  Oct 1869Minnesota I40368 Minnesota 
42 Aanson, Agnes  Mar 1887Minnesota I15473 Minnesota 
43 Aanson, Albert  Jan 1885Minnesota I15472 Minnesota 
44 Aanson, Allis  Jan 1882Minnesota I15471 Minnesota 
45 Aanson, Clarence  Jul 1895Minnesota I15477 Minnesota 
46 Aanson, Emmily R  Jul 1896Minnesota I15478 Minnesota 
47 Aanson, Fred  Dec 1891Minnesota I15476 Minnesota 
48 Aanson, Sarah  Mar 1887Minnesota I15474 Minnesota 
49 Aanson, Sarah  Oct 1889Minnesota I15475 Minnesota 
50 Aanson, William  Nov 1878Minnesota I15470 Minnesota 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Asp, Pehr  Minnesota I4304 Burke Test Tree 
2 Asp, Pehr  Minnesota I249313 Minnesota 
3 Bergman, Hannah  Bef 1920Minnesota I222334 Minnesota 
4 Cottrell, Selma  25 Feb 1944Minnesota I176824 Minnesota 
5 Cottrell, Thomas  25 Oct 1910Minnesota I176823 Minnesota 
6 Elmquist, Hazel L.  1984Minnesota I0060 Minnesota 
7 Fairbanks, Edna Mae  Minnesota I4435 Burke Test Tree 
8 Fairbanks, Edna Mae  Minnesota I249444 Minnesota 
9 Granquist, Andrew Anders  Minnesota I4594 Burke Test Tree 
10 Granquist, Andrew Anders  Minnesota I249603 Minnesota 
11 Johansdotter, Johanna  1913Minnesota I195720 Minnesota 
12 Johnson, Vivian Velma  26 Apr 2000Minnesota I9989 Minnesota 
13 Lagerstrom, Ruth C Lucreita  19 Sep 2004Minnesota I3594 Burke Test Tree 
14 Lagerstrom, Ruth C Lucreita  19 Sep 2004Minnesota I248603 Minnesota 
15 Langen, Percy Joseph  1952Minnesota I4614 Burke Test Tree 
16 Langen, Percy Joseph  1952Minnesota I249623 Minnesota 
17 Lindahl, Emily J.  1914Minnesota I0089 Minnesota 
18 Lundberg, John Henry  28 May 1972Minnesota I48943 Minnesota 
19 Melander, Henry Magnus  9 Nov 1960Minnesota I19744 Minnesota 
20 Melander, John L. Jr  1904Minnesota I25742 Minnesota 
21 Melander, Ronald Henry  29 Jan 1967Minnesota I35317 Minnesota 
22 Nilsson, Johanna Albertina  06 May 1933Minnesota I3218 Burke Test Tree 
23 Nilsson, Johanna Albertina  06 May 1933Minnesota I248227 Minnesota 
24 Olsson, Silja (Cecilia) Elvara  1897Minnesota I571 Wedell Berg Swede  
25 Olufsdotter, Johanna  Minnesota I4129 Burke Test Tree 
26 Olufsdotter, Johanna  Minnesota I249138 Minnesota 
27 Sandberg, Jonas  Minnesota I4577 Burke Test Tree 
28 Sandberg, Jonas  Minnesota I249586 Minnesota 
29 Schedin, Olga Katherine  22 Nov 1981Minnesota I134977 Minnesota 
30 Svensdotter, Bengta  16 Jan 1926Minnesota I814 Burke Test Tree 
31 Svensdotter, Bengta  16 Jan 1926Minnesota I245823 Minnesota 
32 Vossen, Bonnie Rae  08 Mar 2013Minnesota I3570 Burke Test Tree 
33 Vossen, Bonnie Rae  08 Mar 2013Minnesota I248579 Minnesota 
34 Webster, Edward Alexius  11 Jan 1937Minnesota I3223 Burke Test Tree 
35 Webster, Edward Alexius  11 Jan 1937Minnesota I248232 Minnesota 
36 Whitemore, Mary Elizabeth  Minnesota I3255 Burke Test Tree 
37 Whitemore, Mary Elizabeth  Minnesota I248264 Minnesota 
38 Wlaschin, Michael Dority  Minnesota I3577 Burke Test Tree 
39 Wlaschin, Michael Dority  Minnesota I248586 Minnesota 
40 Zachrisson, Johnan  1897Minnesota I195719 Minnesota 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Naturalization    Person ID   Tree 
1 Norström, Gustaf Ernfrid  11 Nov 1954Minnesota I142733 Minnesota 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 JACOBSON, Bertice Leroy  Minnesota P76 Test Jacobson Tree 
2 PLADSEN, Wesley Glen  Minnesota P113 Test Jacobson Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Adams / Malmberg  Aug 1927Minnesota F170 Wedell Berg Swede  
2 Ahlquist / Moline   F24308 Wedell 
3 Bergstrand / Ness  1902Minnesota F195139 Minnesota 
4 Eklund / Skold  1891Minnesota F280 Test Jacobson Tree 
5 Keyser / Peterson  Abt 1914Minnesota F2672 Wedell Berg Swede  
6 Keyser / Schill   F10202 Wedell Berg Swede  
7 NELSON / SIGMUND   F30 Test Jacobson Tree 
8 NORSTEDT / JACOBSON   F59 Test Jacobson Tree 
9 ONYANCHA / JACOBSON   F76 Test Jacobson Tree 
10 RASMUSSEN / McFARLAND   F58 Test Jacobson Tree 
11 Rickner / Andreotti   F27959 Wedell 
12 SIGMUND / BERGSTROM   F28 Test Jacobson Tree 
13 SIMONSEN / BODAL  12 Nov 1871Minnesota F65 Test Jacobson Tree 
14 Westberg / Strand  Oct 1893Minnesota F47657 Minnesota 
15 Wicklund / Peterson  14 Feb 1913Minnesota F4476 Wedell Berg Swede  
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