Minnesota, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anderson, Alexander  Feb 1894Minnesota, USA I1268 Minnesota 
2 Anderson, Alfred  Apr 1887Minnesota, USA I5207 Minnesota 
3 Anderson, Alice  May 1893Minnesota, USA I5209 Minnesota 
4 Anderson, Annie  Aug 1884Minnesota, USA I5206 Minnesota 
5 Anderson, Annie  Aug 1890Minnesota, USA I5218 Minnesota 
6 ANDERSON, Anton E  Mar 1881Minnesota, USA P295 Test Jacobson Tree 
7 Anderson, Arthur  Oct 1895Minnesota, USA I5214 Minnesota 
8 Anderson, Arthur  Jun 1896Minnesota, USA I5203 Minnesota 
9 Anderson, Arvid L  Jul 1898Minnesota, USA I6290 Minnesota 
10 Anderson, Arvin  Jan 1891Minnesota, USA I5235 Minnesota 
11 Anderson, Aurthur W  May 1898Minnesota, USA I6006 Minnesota 
12 Anderson, Axel  Jan 1898Minnesota, USA I5230 Minnesota 
13 Anderson, Axel  Apr 1898Minnesota, USA I5246 Minnesota 
14 Anderson, Cecilia A  Dec 1893Minnesota, USA I6288 Minnesota 
15 Anderson, Charles O  May 1890Minnesota, USA I6007 Minnesota 
16 Anderson, Charlie  Aug 1888Minnesota, USA I5243 Minnesota 
17 Anderson, David B  Apr 1896Minnesota, USA I6289 Minnesota 
18 Anderson, Emma  Mar 1896Minnesota, USA I1269 Minnesota 
19 Anderson, Eva  Apr 1897Minnesota, USA I5224 Minnesota 
20 Anderson, Frank  Aug 1884Minnesota, USA I5233 Minnesota 
21 Anderson, Gotfred  Apr 1898Minnesota, USA I5220 Minnesota 
22 Anderson, Gus  Dec 1888Minnesota, USA I5249 Minnesota 
23 Anderson, Gust  Apr 1891Minnesota, USA I5244 Minnesota 
24 Anderson, Harry  Nov 1887Minnesota, USA I5234 Minnesota 
25 Anderson, Helga  Jan 1899Minnesota, USA I5215 Minnesota 
26 Anderson, Herbert  Apr 1896Minnesota, USA I5229 Minnesota 
27 Anderson, Hilma  Jan 1892Minnesota, USA I5202 Minnesota 
28 Anderson, Hilma  Mar 1895Minnesota, USA I5223 Minnesota 
29 Anderson, Hulla  Aug 1890Minnesota, USA I5237 Minnesota 
30 Anderson, Jennie  May 1895Minnesota, USA I5238 Minnesota 
31 Anderson, Minnie  May 1894Minnesota, USA I5219 Minnesota 
32 Anderson, Ocar  Oct 1890Minnesota, USA I5228 Minnesota 
33 Anderson, Olga  Apr 1888Minnesota, USA I5212 Minnesota 
34 Anderson, Richard  Sep 1898Minnesota, USA I5236 Minnesota 
35 Anderson, Selma  Apr 1891Minnesota, USA I5213 Minnesota 
36 Anderson, Signa  Apr 1890Minnesota, USA I5208 Minnesota 
37 Anderson, Victor A.  Jul 1898Minnesota, USA I1270 Minnesota 
38 Anderson, Violet M  Jun 1893Minnesota, USA I6005 Minnesota 
39 Anderson, William  Dec 1895Minnesota, USA I5245 Minnesota 
40 Axelson, Matilda  Jul 1876Minnesota, USA I39332 Minnesota 
41 Benjamin, Alice  Sep 1898Minnesota, USA I5260 Minnesota 
42 Benjamin, Baby  Apr 1900Minnesota, USA I5261 Minnesota 
43 Benson, Helen  Sep 1894Minnesota, USA I5264 Minnesota 
44 Berg, James  Mar 1881Minnesota, USA I5271 Minnesota 
45 Berg, Manfred  Apr 1898Minnesota, USA I5272 Minnesota 
46 Berglund, Martha  Sep 1893Minnesota, USA I5281 Minnesota 
47 Berglund, Rudolf  Mar 1897Minnesota, USA I5282 Minnesota 
48 Bodin, Bennie  Jan 1895Minnesota, USA I5400 Minnesota 
49 Bodin, Olga  Jul 1896Minnesota, USA I5401 Minnesota 
50 Borg, Anna A.  Apr 1885Minnesota, USA I0805 Minnesota 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Abrahamsson Ranta-Viinikka, Per (Peter)  Minnesota, USA I66147 Minnesota 
2 Anderson, Carl Albert  6 Nov 1945Minnesota, USA I15196 Minnesota 
3 Axelson, Matilda  21 Mar 1919Minnesota, USA I39332 Minnesota 
4 Hagman, Phoebe Anna  3 Dec 2007Minnesota, USA I195661 Minnesota 
5 Hamberg, Baby Boy  5 Nov 1891Minnesota, USA I14998 Minnesota 
6 Hamberg, Elmer Thadius  15 May 1904Minnesota, USA I15014 Minnesota 
7 Hamberg, Ethel Jenny Phoebe  23 Dec 1981Minnesota, USA I15019 Minnesota 
8 Hamberg, Florence "Lillie"  24 Nov 1891Minnesota, USA I15020 Minnesota 
9 Hamberg, Georg Arthur  15 Jan 1893Minnesota, USA I15021 Minnesota 
10 Isaksdotter, Britta (Birgitta)  Minnesota, USA I66148 Minnesota 
11 Johnson, Madison ?  Before 2011Minnesota, USA P488 Test Jacobson Tree 
12 Johnson, Madison ?  Before 2011Minnesota, USA P567 Test Jacobson Tree 
13 Magnusson Hamberg Englund, Ola ( Olof* ) Magnus  Bef 1880Minnesota, USA I15071 Minnesota 
14 Raaen, Crystal  xx ... 1983Minnesota, USA I15391 Minnesota 
15 Storey, Martha Elizabeth  Minnesota, USA P87 Test Jacobson Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Schirmer, Franz  Minnesota, USA P724 Test Jacobson Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Carlson / Kilgore   F204 Test Jacobson Tree 
2 Hamberg / Noren  3 Dec 1890Minnesota, USA F2841 Minnesota 
3 Johnson / Blexrud  7 Jun 1941Minnesota, USA F2938 Minnesota 
4 Raaen / Johnson  30 Jul 1921Minnesota, USA F2936 Minnesota 
5 Schmidt / Hall  Minnesota, USA F240 Test Jacobson Tree 


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID   Tree 
1 ERENBERG / HANSON   F175 Test Jacobson Tree 
2 JACOBSON / MEYER   F42 Test Jacobson Tree 
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