North Dakota



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Abrhamson, Minnie  Mar 1877North Dakota I49085 Minnesota 
2 Ackberg, Ester V  Jul 1889North Dakota I110404 Minnesota 
3 Ackberg, Hilda F  Nov 1887North Dakota I110403 Minnesota 
4 Ahlzren, Victor  May 1886North Dakota I16833 Minnesota 
5 Ander, Annie A  Abt 1895North Dakota I228504 Minnesota 
6 Ander, Axel E  Abt 1898North Dakota I228505 Minnesota 
7 Andersen, Agnes M  Abt 1894North Dakota I202627 Minnesota 
8 Anderson, Agda M  Dec 1885North Dakota I48265 Minnesota 
9 Anderson, Albert  Aug 1881North Dakota I3989 Minnesota 
10 Anderson, Albert  Nov 1884North Dakota I117185 Minnesota 
11 Anderson, Alvenia  Mar 1895North Dakota I117637 Minnesota 
12 Anderson, Anna  Jul 1879North Dakota I13027 Minnesota 
13 Anderson, Anna  Aug 1892North Dakota I48193 Minnesota 
14 Anderson, Annie  Jul 1880North Dakota I116673 Minnesota 
15 Anderson, Arthur  Sep 1888North Dakota I173406 Minnesota 
16 Anderson, Carl F  Feb 1892North Dakota I162694 Minnesota 
17 Anderson, Clara  Oct 1883North Dakota I117375 Minnesota 
18 Anderson, Don E  May 1884North Dakota I177214 Minnesota 
19 Anderson, Emil  May 1888North Dakota I117186 Minnesota 
20 Anderson, Ernast T  Feb 1890North Dakota I91075 Minnesota 
21 Anderson, Ester A  Jul 1896North Dakota I162947 Minnesota 
22 Anderson, Ester M  Feb 1893North Dakota I91076 Minnesota 
23 Anderson, Frans S  Oct 1886North Dakota I162944 Minnesota 
24 Anderson, Gusta  Feb 1878North Dakota I13026 Minnesota 
25 Anderson, Harley A  Mar 1897North Dakota I115671 Minnesota 
26 Anderson, Harry  Apr 1890North Dakota I173407 Minnesota 
27 Anderson, Hazel B  Aug 1896North Dakota I96740 Minnesota 
28 Anderson, Hellen  Jul 1898North Dakota I244559 Minnesota 
29 Anderson, Hilda  Jan 1888North Dakota I117376 Minnesota 
30 Anderson, Irwin  Sep 1894North Dakota I16320 Minnesota 
31 Anderson, John W  Abt 1884North Dakota I198227 Minnesota 
32 Anderson, Josie  Jun 1888North Dakota I28508 Minnesota 
33 Anderson, Lucile  Sep 1897North Dakota I50087 Minnesota 
34 Anderson, Lucile  Sep 1897North Dakota I50126 Minnesota 
35 Anderson, Lydia  Sep 1894North Dakota I173409 Minnesota 
36 Anderson, Mannie A  Aug 1887North Dakota I48266 Minnesota 
37 Anderson, Matilda  Mar 1889North Dakota I48192 Minnesota 
38 Anderson, Minnie E  Feb 1889North Dakota I162945 Minnesota 
39 Anderson, Minnie L  Jan 1882North Dakota I48267 Minnesota 
40 Anderson, Olga  Oct 1887North Dakota I48191 Minnesota 
41 Anderson, Robert  Abt 1883North Dakota I198226 Minnesota 
42 Anderson, Silly  Oct 1883North Dakota I115716 Minnesota 
43 Anderson, Victor  Sep 1892North Dakota I173408 Minnesota 
44 Anderson, Walter  May 1893North Dakota I49155 Minnesota 
45 Andir, Olga Amelia  Apr 1898North Dakota I28707 Minnesota 
46 Askegaard, Edwin  Feb 1882North Dakota I116353 Minnesota 
47 Askegaard, Eugene  Feb 1884North Dakota I116354 Minnesota 
48 Askegaard, Milla  Jun 1880North Dakota I116352 Minnesota 
49 Baker, Arthur  Nov 1885North Dakota I101667 Minnesota 
50 Bengston, Albert  1922North Dakota I4265 Burke Test Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bengtsson, Adolf Viktor  North Dakota I4259 Burke Test Tree 
2 Bengtsson, Adolf Viktor  North Dakota I249268 Minnesota 
3 Booke (Svensson), Jonas Erik  Abt 1939North Dakota I195503 Minnesota 
4 Munson, George  Bef 1940North Dakota I4312 Burke Test Tree 
5 Munson, George  Bef 1940North Dakota I249321 Minnesota 
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