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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Esther  Abt 1885Norway I35005 Wedell Berg Swede  
2 Nancy's dad  Norway I196079 Minnesota 
3 Aackerman, R*  Apr 1843Norway I155058 Minnesota 
4 Aahl, Ole E  May 1858Norway I116878 Minnesota 
5 Aaker, Chris*  Abt 1859Norway I182401 Minnesota 
6 Aalamaa, Anna C  Sep 1846Norway I107904 Minnesota 
7 Aamodt, Martin  Jan 1848Norway I161856 Minnesota 
8 Aanerud, Cristian O  Feb 1863Norway I40367 Minnesota 
9 Aanson, Tobias  Jul 1852Norway I15468 Minnesota 
10 Aarness, Crist  Feb 1867Norway I62964 Minnesota 
11 Aas, Peter S  Abt 1867Norway I234080 Minnesota 
12 Abraham, Sophia  Jun 1861Norway I120225 Minnesota 
13 Abrahamson, Carry O  May 1859Norway I21928 Minnesota 
14 Abrahamson, Karen  May 1860Norway I45233 Minnesota 
15 Abrahamson, Mar*  Abt 1870Norway I184404 Minnesota 
16 Abramson, Johanna  Feb 1848Norway I108703 Minnesota 
17 Abrehamson, John  Jul 1829Norway I142103 Minnesota 
18 Acker, O M  Abt 1875Norway I206892 Minnesota 
19 Ackerlund, Anna J  May 1848Norway I98177 Minnesota 
20 Ackeson, Mary  Apr 1866Norway I137425 Minnesota 
21 Ackland, Elias  May 1867Norway I96077 Minnesota 
22 Adamson, Charles  May 1855Norway I65259 Minnesota 
23 Addlesman, Olena  Jan 1874Norway I115151 Minnesota 
24 Adegard, John  Sep 1860Norway I64602 Minnesota 
25 Adlund, Annie  Feb 1875Norway I91144 Minnesota 
26 Adolfson, Christina  Abt 1862Norway I227855 Minnesota 
27 Adolfson, Christina  May 1874Norway I56699 Minnesota 
28 Adolfson, Ellen  Abt 1851Norway I194466 Minnesota 
29 Adolphson, Cora  Jul 1864Norway I59712 Minnesota 
30 Agrell, Helen C  Mar 1857Norway I106079 Minnesota 
31 Ahlberg, May  Jun 1868Norway I160676 Minnesota 
32 Ahlberg, Solvei  Dec 1860Norway I242212 Minnesota 
33 Ahlberg, Sophia  Abt 1858Norway I213021 Minnesota 
34 Ahumark, Antoinette  Abt 1862Norway I180317 Minnesota 
35 Akerberg, Celia  Mar 1862Norway I94568 Minnesota 
36 Akerberg, Emil  Aug 1884Norway I94569 Minnesota 
37 Akermark, Constance  Mar 1867Norway I154513 Minnesota 
38 Aklestad, Knute  Apr 1864Norway I29716 Minnesota 
39 Akre, Martin  Apr 1870Norway I55280 Minnesota 
40 Albin, Catherina  Abt 1856Norway I229660 Minnesota 
41 Alefson, Andrew  Sep 1856Norway I46364 Minnesota 
42 Alengsen, Mary C  Dec 1858Norway I48468 Minnesota 
43 Alfsberg, Lars  May 1857Norway I73048 Minnesota 
44 Allen, Melia C  Jun 1863Norway I54746 Minnesota 
45 Allquist, Olele  May 1860Norway I39128 Minnesota 
46 Almgren, Mary  Dec 1858Norway I49657 Minnesota 
47 Almquist, Julia  Mar 1858Norway I159837 Minnesota 
48 Almquist, Lawrence  May 1889Norway I159838 Minnesota 
49 Almquist, Serrine  Mar 1859Norway I117706 Minnesota 
50 Almulton, Ellen  Jun 1876Norway I91112 Minnesota 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BRYNESTAD, Dorthea  Norway P214 Test Jacobson Tree 
2 BRYNNESTAD, Brita Jensdatter  Norway P270 Test Jacobson Tree 
3 Haugen, Simon Hanssen  1810Norway P267 Test Jacobson Tree 
4 HAUGEN (Raudi), Simon Simonsen  1853Norway P244 Test Jacobson Tree 
5 Olofsson-Pajari, Johan  1867Norway I66109 Minnesota 
6 RAUDI, Rasmus Jacobsen  Norway P269 Test Jacobson Tree 
7 RAUDI, Synneve Rasmusdatter  Norway P243 Test Jacobson Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 DIGERNES, Anna Johannisdotter  Norway P259 Test Jacobson Tree 
2 JACOBSSON, Anders  Norway P122 Test Jacobson Tree 
3 OLSDATTER, Cathrine  Norway P121 Test Jacobson Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 ENGER / NAESS  20 Apr 1765Norway F81 Test Jacobson Tree 
2 KVAMME / DIGERNES  2 Jul 1899Norway F69 Test Jacobson Tree 
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