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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Olga M.  Abt 1885Wisconsin I35002 Wedell Berg Swede  
2 A, Annie M  Abt 1891Wisconsin I231208 Minnesota 
3 A, Ida  Abt 1890Wisconsin I231207 Minnesota 
4 Abrahamson, Ellen  Mar 1860Wisconsin I167366 Minnesota 
5 Abrahamson, Fred  Jan 1865Wisconsin I94538 Minnesota 
6 Abrahamson, William V  May 1893Wisconsin I94540 Minnesota 
7 Ackerman, Carl  Jun 1891Wisconsin I149239 Minnesota 
8 Ackerman, William  Feb 1867Wisconsin I149237 Minnesota 
9 Adamson, Gilda  Oct 1870Wisconsin I23125 Minnesota 
10 Ahl, Edward A  Jul 1873Wisconsin I107624 Minnesota 
11 Ahlberg, Elsie  Abt 1890Wisconsin I213022 Minnesota 
12 Akermark, Alma  Aug 1892Wisconsin I154514 Minnesota 
13 Akermark, Constance  Jan 1897Wisconsin I154516 Minnesota 
14 Akermark, Florence  Aug 1894Wisconsin I154515 Minnesota 
15 Akermark, Ralph  Aug 1898Wisconsin I154517 Minnesota 
16 Allen, Harry A  Apr 1876Wisconsin I63145 Minnesota 
17 Almgriat, Dora C  Dec 1891Wisconsin I141025 Minnesota 
18 Almgriat, Earnest  Dec 1894Wisconsin I141026 Minnesota 
19 Almquist, Mary  Abt 1876Wisconsin I215050 Minnesota 
20 Ammundson, Ragna  Aug 1883Wisconsin I139224 Minnesota 
21 Amundson, Anna  May 1881Wisconsin I79400 Minnesota 
22 Anderberg, Caroline A  Abt 1853Wisconsin I202614 Minnesota 
23 Andersen, Gustaf V  Abt 1894Wisconsin I230107 Minnesota 
24 Andersen, Gustav  May 1886Wisconsin I47528 Minnesota 
25 Andersen, Myrtle L  Aug 1897Wisconsin I158788 Minnesota 
26 Andersen, P M  Abt 1869Wisconsin I233318 Minnesota 
27 Andersen, Sisila  Dec 1888Wisconsin I47529 Minnesota 
28 Anderson, Ada G  Abt 1886Wisconsin I183864 Minnesota 
29 Anderson, Albert  May 1865Wisconsin I16528 Minnesota 
30 Anderson, Albert  Jan 1897Wisconsin I116303 Minnesota 
31 Anderson, Albert F  May 1887Wisconsin I147977 Minnesota 
32 Anderson, Albin  Sep 1877Wisconsin I17254 Minnesota 
33 Anderson, Alead  Apr 1900Wisconsin I33968 Minnesota 
34 Anderson, Alfred  Aug 1883Wisconsin I104469 Minnesota 
35 Anderson, Alfred  Dec 1886Wisconsin I4055 Minnesota 
36 Anderson, Alfred A  Jan 1887Wisconsin I148519 Minnesota 
37 Anderson, Allen  Oct 1893Wisconsin I242096 Minnesota 
38 Anderson, Alma  Dec 1876Wisconsin I60523 Minnesota 
39 Anderson, Alma  Jul 1896Wisconsin I116302 Minnesota 
40 Anderson, Alpry  Mar 1879Wisconsin I164569 Minnesota 
41 Anderson, Amanda  Jul 1872Wisconsin I29378 Minnesota 
42 Anderson, Amie E  Abt 1859Wisconsin I185138 Minnesota 
43 Anderson, Andrew  Mar 1870Wisconsin I49624 Minnesota 
44 Anderson, Andrew  Dec 1884Wisconsin I104292 Minnesota 
45 Anderson, Andrew  Dec 1884Wisconsin I104311 Minnesota 
46 Anderson, Anna M  Abt 1872Wisconsin I194955 Minnesota 
47 Anderson, Annette B  Sep 1890Wisconsin I147979 Minnesota 
48 Anderson, Annie  Abt 1872Wisconsin I179705 Minnesota 
49 Anderson, Annie B  Sep 1885Wisconsin I148518 Minnesota 
50 Anderson, Annie M  Jul 1869Wisconsin I123687 Minnesota 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 O'Connor, Helen  2 Jan 1906Wisconsin I196149 Minnesota 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 FISHER, Joseph Henry  1935Wisconsin P184 Test Jacobson Tree 
2 MITCHELL, Dorothy Delores   P89 Test Jacobson Tree 
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