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51 Andrew was not the biological father of Hilda. Johnson (Johannesson), Andrew (Anders) (I10550)
52 Anne in the 1885 Minnesota Census Jernell, Anna (I191419)
53 Annouced 13 Sep 1778 Family F368402
54 Annouced 28 Aug 1779 Family F368355
55 Annouced 3 Aug 1788 Family F368220
56 Announced 14 Jul 1776 Family F367572
57 Another birthdate: 4 Mar 1768 Larsson, Jonas (I9156)
58 Anton commited suicide in 1946. Anton never married.

His brother Theodore J Olson, followed suit in 1946.

Both graves are located in Tracy City Cemetery. Pictures at Find A Grave.

Theodore J married Beatrice Strong 1934.

Beatrice's Mother was Pearl Greenman. Pearl Greenman was married to Charles Strong.

Beatrice and Ted had 2 children, Ronald (1936) and Jeanette (1939).

Jeanette is my mother. Jeanette died June 2017.

Rob Rydberg

I have the death certificate for Bea. I have pics of headstones for Anton and Theodore. I have first hand accounts of the suicides from my grandmother Bea and her children, Ron and Jeanette. Ron's second wife Marilyn, from Kimball MN, gave me pictures of Ted, Anton, Bea, Jeanette, Ron and other family members as well as some dates. Ron's grandson is doing geneology research from TX through the Mormon Church and has verified some of this info as well. 
Olson, Anton V (I229837)
59 As Gustafva Carolina Pettersson housemaid. Not married. Place of death: Ramnäs /Glåpmosstorp. [Västerås F:8 SVAR img 222; Ramnäs FI:5 SVAR img 35, AI:14 pg 107]. Persdotter/Pettersson, Gustava Carolina (I125470)
60 As Matilda Charlotta Larsson b. Pettersson. [SCB Ramnäs Deaths 1931]. Persdotter/Pettersson (Larsson), Charlotta Mathilda (I126956)
61 Astrid Anderesson said "han bodde pa torpet i Prinsanas Klyngen, Nobbele". He lived in a small house on Prinsanas comer in Nobbele." This is in the area near Granhult and Marhult. I have a picture of the house currently standing in that spot. She showed me the place but I can't idenitfy the exact location.
He stood on Sunday by the church with tall staff waiting for sewing orders. When the women started to buy and use sewing machines, his business declined and he died a sad old man.
Some records say he was bom 27 Aug 1827.
A letter from Carl Olson, a friend of Oscar Kroonblawd (I don't know if they were related in any way, I doubt it), says that Carl wrote to Anton Karisson who wrote to him and said the people used to call Joel Larsson "Joel skraddare" and that he was indeed a tailor. Carl Olson also wrote that all of Oscar's relatives on his mother's side are buried at Granhult.
Here is Betty Sinclair's translation of Astrid Andersson's description of Joel Larsson: Joel Vill was seen every Sunday with his walking stick in hand on the way to church. The stick was taller than the old man. The "tap, tap" of his stick announced his arrival at the church slope. He set up for business and began taking orders.
He was dressed in a long coat and was often seen pulling a "press" (ironing board) behind him. His sewing machine was carried on a wheeled cart. He took the measurements for the garments with a long string that he had tied knots to indicate the length needed. His sons sewed so fast that one son was kept busy hanging up the garments they had finished. Joel had the skill to sew sheepskin coats.
He even sewed for the women. But he became angry when the women began to do their own sewing. Joel Vill was very fond of snuff. He always had a big hunk of snuff on his work table. When the sons began to weary and slow down, they took another pinch of snuff.
In his older age he was so tired of life that he offered someone 15 kroner if they would kill him. Exhausted and weary of life he died somewhere about 1890.
David Kroonblawd's info from his trip 1989 says he was bom in 1829.
Larsson Vill, Joel (I9118)
62 Astrid Anderson wrote about her artig och sedesam piga, fran Boaras under Hokhulta Mellangard. Means honest and also spry, from Boaras at Hokhulta Miiddlefarm.
Nilsdotter, Emma (I9119)
63 Astrid Andersson says she was bom in Sjosas and her birth was 11 Jun 1792. Nilsdotter, Stina (I9122)
64 Astrid Andersson took me to the farm where he lived and the farmer showed me where his house had been -1
have a picture of the pile of rocks there now! The farmer said he had taken a long flat stone that he thought had been either the top of the fireplace or the threshold stone and had incorporated into his patio. I took a picture of it also. He also moved some of the spring bulbs that came up by the stone pile and put them by his house - he felt they had been there since Petter Person's time.
Herrokra is also spelled Harokra or Herrakra in old records. Note says he came in Kylleskruv in 1831.
Persson, Petter (I9125)
65 Asum 1804-1813 Hansson, Per (I246947)
66 Asum 1807-1817 Pehrsson, Nils (I247230)
67 Aus Kirchenbuch Nordenham. Atens Herirat 1924 Family F6522
68 B 27 Jan 1744

Skartofta #11 1786

Find Death

Find Marriage

Kjerrby #8 1799-1804
Find new farm - start at p54 1804- 
Pehrsson, Olaf (I246518)
69 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Rydberg, Amanda Kaye (I195901)
70 Baptism record from 27 Oct 1952 certified statement from the minister in Tolg. He had to write to Sweden and get this in order to be eligible for Social Security because he had no birth certificate to show how old he was. He never became a citizen. He spent some time in Canada in the mid teens -1914 and on, camping out in the forest at least part of time, eating moose meat. I remember a picture of him floating on a river on a log but I don't know if he and his friends did logging or not. An unproven story is that they went up there to avoid conscription in the First World War. Could be.
Buried in Fairview Cemetary in Lindstrom, next to Lillie. Service at First United Methodist Church. He died at Memorial Hospital in St. Croix. Mother had called me asking me to come home. I flew up as quickly as I could arrange things, taking Rob with me, and Joan drove me to Center City that morning. Mother came out of the house with her face all dark looking and said they had just called her from the hospital to say he just died. She had stayed home that morning to wait for Joan and me.
Worked for many years at Flour City Body Building Corporation, living with his sister Ida for many of those years at 3252 Dupont Ave. South. When Flour City closed, he was under 65 and had no pension. He went to work for the Salvation Army, living at their headquarters during the week and teaching the men how to be carpenters. He had great admiration for the Salvation Army members who worked to help the men.
Received his permission to leave Sweden from Tolg Church on 1 Jun 1908. Handwritten note on 1998 printout says Goteborg - NY 4 Jul 1908 - from the emigrant record at Bishop Hill - copy in file. He listed his title as "hemmason" "home boy" - that is what one is at 17! His port of embarkation is listed as Goteborg and his destination as Minneapolis.
Data on Frank from Carmania manifest = going to brother, Emit Nelson at 2631 Bryant Ave So, Minneapolis. $10 cash with him. Has his ticket to final destination. Passage paid by self. Fair complexion, fair hair, blue eyes. 57". Laborer (hard to read). Able to read and write. Father: Nils P. Johanson, Tolg, Kallreda. Destination Minneapolis, Minnesota.
8/28/06 Found his name on the Mauretania list of steerage passengers. Line on Carmania manifest must mean that he cancelled his passage on the Carmania at the last minute and took the Mauretania, which sailed the next day: JD and Ida Ekstrum and their son had a cabin on the Mauretania so he travelled with his sister Ida and her family.
Nelson, Frank August (I7009)
71 Batsy in the 1885 Minnesota Census. Jernell, Pattsey (I191417)
72 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F6332
73 Bergsman Stayed at Norrberg No 7 Norbäck, Pehr (I195921)
74 Bergsman To Minesota USA 1903 Norbäck, Anders Johan Gottard (I195976)
75 Bergsman To Wreten in Järbo Jansson, Anders (I195919)
76 Bill remarried, Mary Skinner? No children.  Rydberg, Oscar Wilhelm (I167464)
77 Billebergo 189 Nilsson, Maria (I247021)
78 Birth Certificate on file in Lyon Co shows Victoria's first name is Pearl also. She went by Vicky. Her husband's name was Leo Ryan. (Strong) Ryan, Pearl Victoria (I196226)
79 Birth date of 2 Nov 1884 was recorded in the Minnesota Death Index. Lindstrom, Eulina (Ellen) Josefina (I188543)
80 Birth date recorded as 14 Mar 1827 in household record for Moheda, AI:8 (1844-1850) pg 195. Johannesson, Anders (I195518)
81 Birth is documented as Dec 1862 in the 1900 census. Anderson (Bok), Mary (Ingrid Maria Svensdotter) (I195500)
82 Birth maybe May 1751 Torp Andersdotter, Ingebor (I246710)
83 Birth recorded as Mar 1867 in the 1900 census.
Nilsdotter, Annie Maria (I26142)
84 Birth Register 3-45-28, Chisago Lakes, says 2 Jul 1898, father 33, mother 35. Mother said she was bom June 24 and celebrated on that day.
Her obituary (which she wrote herself ?she planned everything so "it would be easy on you girls") is on a tear stained piece of paper which Joan has. It says : Services for Lillie Alvida Nelson were held at the First Methodist Church of Lindstrom on (April 22, 1971), with Rev. James Alquist officiating. Soloist was Mrs. Velma Sundberg and the organist was Miss Margaret Gassier. Following internment at Fairview Cemetary, lunch was served to the family and friends in the church parlor. Pallbearers were Wesley, Norman and Charles Kroonblawd, Ernest Strand, Leo Strand and Duane Shaleen, all nephews of the deceased. Lillie Nelson, daughter of the late Charles and Anna Kroonblawd, was bom June 24,1898, in the village of Lindstrom. She was baptised by Rev. Lundquist at Chisago City and confirmed in 1914 at the Faith Lutheran Church in Forest Lake. She attended the Stohl country school and the Lindstrom Village school. Mrs. Nelson worked for a number of years as a switchboard operator for the Chisago City Telephone Company and also at various jobs in the Twin Cities. In 1926 she was married to Frank A. Nelson of Minneapolis. The first four years of their marriage were spent in Minneapolis where her husband was employed. In 1931 they moved to a farm north of Lindstrom where they resided until 1947, when they moved to the village of Center City. The couple had three daughters, LaVonne, Mrs. George Heighway; Betty Lou, Mrs. James Sinclair; and Joan, Mrs. Wayne Popham. Surviving her are the three daughters, one brother Oscar of Chisago City; and one sister, Esther, Mrs. Halvor Knutson, of Mesa, Arizona. Preceding her in death were her husband, two brothers and four sisters. She is also survived by eleven grandchildren and many nieces and nephews. Mrs. Nelson died (April 19 at the Chisago Lakes Hospital. She had been a patient there for several months).
Buried at Fairview Cemetary, Lindstrom, Minnesota.
Email note to Bud Ekstrum: 16 June 2001 - Mother would count visitors on Sundays and start cutting heads off of chickens - she never did the wringing their neck bit. People would bring desserts mostly so she had to provide the main meat. When we moved to Center City, no more chickens, so she shifted to a macaroni-tomato sauce-hamburger-cheese casserole ("hot dish" in Minnesota) that we all still love. We had a lot of visitors over the years - and no one ever called ahead of time to say they were coming - and I never heard Mother complain about that. She loved having they come.
Jim sent the 1920 census. It lists Lily Kroonblawd as a lodger with the Hjalmar Hawkinson family in Chisago City. Her occupation was telephone operator.
Kroonblawd (Kroonblad), Lillie Alvida (I7010)
85 Bjarrod
Moved in 1813 to Skarhult 
Isaksson, Ola (I246508)
86 Bjarrod #2 Pehrsson, Anders (I247096)
87 Bjarrod #2 Ostra Karrstorp

Ostraby - Brunslov #31874

Munkarp - Oramanu 
Svensson, Pehr (I246915)
88 Bjarrod #3 1782 to 1844 Olsson, Isak (I246687)
89 Bjarrod #4 Olsson, Pehr (I246860)
90 Bjarrod #4 Pehrsson, Sven (I247094)
91 Bjarrod #4 1819-1836 Andersson, Ake (I245457)
92 Bjarrod #6

Horby 1841

Bengta Hansdotter 1784 Bjarrod 
Andersson, Mons (I245490)
93 Bjarrod #7 Pehrsson, Jons (I247097)
94 Bjarrod 1820's Andersdotter, Hanna (I245523)
95 Bjarrod 1868-1872

Vallarum #14 1874-1879

Vallarum #12 1891-1896

Frenninge p136 1896 
Andersson, Nils (I246914)
96 Bjorka #15 1862-1867

#11 1857-1868

Bjorka 5 May 1868

Confirmed 1846 
Nilsson, Per (I246574)
97 Bjorka 1778 Nilsson, Per (I246661)
98 Bodde i Hagalund, Ransäter Nilsson, Karl* Viktor (I14605)
99 Bodde i Myre Olsäter där nu Maja Henriksson bor Ohlsson, Jonte (I14643)
100 Bodde i Råtorp, Karlstad Nilsdotter, Elvina Agnes* Karolina (I14583)

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