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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Abel, Jacob  Feb 1833Germany I108129 Minnesota 
2 Ackerman, Chas  Abt 1848Germany I194764 Minnesota 
3 Adamson, William  Mar 1880Germany I158183 Minnesota 
4 Aisdenkranze, Edward  Abt 1854Germany I202315 Minnesota 
5 Allers, Catrina  Abt 1845Germany I234433 Minnesota 
6 Anderson, Anna  Apr 1871Germany I65283 Minnesota 
7 Anderson, Annie  Abt 1866Germany I227208 Minnesota 
8 Anderson, Annie  Jul 1873Germany I12333 Minnesota 
9 Anderson, Annie  Sep 1877Germany I145251 Minnesota 
10 Anderson, Caroline  Abt 1872Germany I205288 Minnesota 
11 Anderson, Charlotta  Oct 1854Germany I78913 Minnesota 
12 Anderson, Christina Hattie  Apr 1879Germany I45534 Minnesota 
13 Anderson, Earl  May 1880Germany I55055 Minnesota 
14 Anderson, Elisa  Aug 1855Germany I50059 Minnesota 
15 Anderson, Ellen  Mar 1866Germany I83180 Minnesota 
16 Anderson, Gustav  Oct 1884Germany I78914 Minnesota 
17 Anderson, Gustf  Sep 1881Germany I55056 Minnesota 
18 Anderson, Johannah  Jan 1860Germany I171079 Minnesota 
19 Anderson, Maria  Feb 1849Germany I91702 Minnesota 
20 Anderson, Metilda  Abt 1858Germany I202307 Minnesota 
21 Anderson, Minnie  Feb 1870Germany I87801 Minnesota 
22 Anderson, Oto  Nov 1883Germany I55057 Minnesota 
23 Andring, Mary  Aug 1837Germany I118971 Minnesota 
24 Arny, Ferdinand  Oct 1845Germany I83350 Minnesota 
25 Ash, Amelia  Abt 1870Germany I213031 Minnesota 
26 Ash, William  Abt 1865Germany I213032 Minnesota 
27 Asp, May  Abt 1873Germany I228087 Minnesota 
28 Auftuheder, Sophia  Sep 1816Germany I146033 Minnesota 
29 Bachm*, Ida  Feb 1836Germany I72647 Minnesota 
30 Backman, Antonia  Jun 1862Germany I175490 Minnesota 
31 Baker, Bernard  Jul 1857Germany I126474 Minnesota 
32 Bangstrom, Martin  Oct 1879Germany I80082 Minnesota 
33 Bangstrom, Sofie K  Jul 1849Germany I80080 Minnesota 
34 Bangstrom, Soran  Feb 1877Germany I80081 Minnesota 
35 Barbara, Marbara  Mar 1847Germany I175734 Minnesota 
36 Beckman, Hulda A  Dec 1869Germany I240396 Minnesota 
37 Beddone, William J  1871Germany I163548 Minnesota 
38 Bellmont, Adam  Nov 1854Germany I121950 Minnesota 
39 Bena, Earnes  Feb 1857Germany I13052 Minnesota 
40 Bendt, Emma  Apr 1883Germany I15570 Minnesota 
41 Bendt, Mathias  Apr 1855Germany I15567 Minnesota 
42 Bendt, Walter  Feb 1880Germany I15569 Minnesota 
43 Bengtssan, Caroline B  Aug 1854Germany I66807 Minnesota 
44 Benson, Mary  Aug 1861Germany I92189 Minnesota 
45 Ber?Nel, Joseph J  Aug 1838Germany I87734 Minnesota 
46 Bereus, Peter  Nov 1850Germany I78921 Minnesota 
47 Berg, Albertine  Jan 1843Germany I104566 Minnesota 
48 Berg, Julie  Feb 1850Germany I134372 Minnesota 
49 Bergman, Augusta  Abt 1880Germany I232393 Minnesota 
50 Bergman, Chaley  Abt 1881Germany I232394 Minnesota 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 (Rash) Rydberg, Deborah Joy   I195898 Minnesota 
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